Dani Tuffield

Director of Tourism Development

Innovative technologies, from the mobile phone to the Dreamliner, are constantly making the world a smaller, more accessible place. The information and knowledge that was once reserved for travel industry gatekeepers is now directly accessible to consumers. The travel industry players, from brick-and-mortar travel agents through to OTAs, have an imperative to evolve their service offerings towards expert curation, as some aspects of the travel offering become commodotised. The point of difference that travel agents and algorithms can make is in understanding customer’s personal passions and desires, and tailoring the most appropriate travel solutions for them, cutting through the overwhelm and clutter. Thankfully, the technology that created this challenge also provides an unprecedented amount data for understanding our customers.

Having been in the industry for many years, I have experienced every aspect of this disruption, giving me great insight into its changing dynamics. I lead our travel trade team in looking for exciting ways to push the boundaries of our B2C marketing programs in collaboration with partners both new and established. I strive to incorporate traditional marketing techniques, new technologies and creativity into our client’s programs, always being nimble and never caught standing still in the face of new industry developments.