Lisa Dunn

Director of Events

In an industry reliant on communications technology and digital information dissemination, I have helped Gate 7 make a name the old-fashioned way; by bringing people together and using physical spaces to educate, share experiences and tell stories. My philosophy to creating an event with cut-through is to not just talk at attendees, but to truly engage, entertain and excite everyone in a room, with just a pinch of added flash and creativity. When you know what will impact an audience, and what story you want your experience to tell, the opportunities to create a memorable event are endless.

I’ve worked with Gate 7 in the events space for nearly a decade now, having overseen the creation of some of the most memorable and chatter-worthy events in the company’s history. My background in airline and travel industry sales means I know what kinds of experiences have cut-through on both a client and attendee side. To me, just like with travel itself, a digital representation will never be a suitable substitute for being there yourself.