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Tourism Development Marketing Modules

Drive stronger tourism outcomes
with bite-sized marketing modules from the tourism industry insiders. 
Explore a suite of cost-effective, turn-key marketing solutions that help destinations thrive in our ever-changing tourism landscape.

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From product distribution to digital optimisation, these programs drive recovery.
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Product Distribution
& Packaging Fundamentals
Reap the rewards of travel industry distribution

Understand your destination’s product distribution through 24 travel industry brands and more than 13 touring companies, all detailed in a comprehensive report that includes recommendations for expansion based on emerging travel trends and consumer travel motivations.

Then, let us help you empower your tourism community with a broad understanding of available distribution avenues through an educational webinar outlining the why, what, and how of travel product distribution & packaging.

Travel Agent
Training Blitz
A 6-webinar training blitz for AU & NZ agents

Give travel agents the tools and insights they need to proactively sell your destination or product to their loyal network of clients through a six-webinar program tailored to the agent community.

Our monthly travel agent training blitz series provides a simple and cost-effective way to engage and educate a broad spectrum of agents on your destination or product while ensuring the information is tailored to the audience and that your spokesperson is the star of the show.

Digital Destination
Optimisation Program
A turnkey solution to drive recovery through local operators

A highly flexible program that provides hands-on support to help your local operators improve the completeness, quality, and accuracy of their representation through Google local search results, Google Maps, Google Travel Guides, and more.

From audit to activation in as little as three months, this turn-key solution allows you to deliver tangible value to your tourism community or local economy without additional staffing.

Visiting Friends &
Relatives Campaign

Coming Soon! 

Encourage those who know your destination best to return for a visit and explore further while supporting their local community. With the specific objective of driving increased spend from the VFR market, this program will be the perfect turnkey solution to maximise return from this major segment.

Brand Partnership Programs
Leveraging alignment and extending reach

By securing partnership with carefully selected brands that align with your travel product or destination's target audience and core values, Gate 7 opens up great non-traditional promotional opportunities. A thoughtfully crafted brand partnership will build your target market's awareness and demand through the lens of their interests and passions, while providing a powerful extension of reach, taking marketing dollars further.

We have established strong relationships with brand partners across a spectrum of industries including: fashion, cosmetics, hospitality, finance, outdoor adventure, and luxury. See a small sample of the brands we've worked with below.

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