Content & Influencer Marketing

We are bombarded by thousands of visual messages each day; inspiration needs to stand out and impact. And, as we navigate the ‘new normal’ in holiday decision making, advocacy for destinations will be more important than ever.

What better way to showcase a destination than through engaging video content or via the words of those we relate to in our passions and interests? Gate 7 works with influencers and content creators to tell stories, drive conversations, reach bigger audiences, and ultimately bring attention to your destination.

Gate 7 offers content & influencer marketing as part of our retainer-based public relations services or on a project basis.

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Yosemite + GoPro

Content Production AND Distribution Made Easy

Let Gate 7 transform your content ambitions into reality. We know what resonates with Australian and New Zealand audiences and through our partnerships have some ready made distribution channels of travel ready audiences for you.