In an industry that can be spoilt for choice, Gate 7 has pushed the boundaries for over two decades in uniquely showcasing destinations, products, and brands from across the globe.

On budgets big and small, we bring destinations and travel experiences to life in a fun, engaging, and educational way. No two events are the same, but all are produced with attention, love, creativity, and care.

The events landscape was drastically impacted by COVID-19 social distancing
restrictions, but we immediately adapted to the virtual environment and continue to provide training and nurture relationships through this important tool of connection. Gate 7 offers event management services as part of our retainer-based public relations and tourism development packages, or on a project basis. We can also tailor a program to your unique requirements.

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If you are a travel agent or travel journalist and would like to connect with Gate 7’s formidable range of clients by attending VIP events, being included in fam trips or just accessing their great content, become a part of our community and sign up to our Trade and Media Resource Centre.

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Don’t let social distancing dampen your engagement. Our industry network and virtual event expertise will save you from headaches and hit the market with the people who matter (in a socially responsible way).