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The media landscape in Australia and New Zealand has been experiencing rapid evolution and change in recent years, driven by digitisation, changing audience needs, and, more recently, with the dramatic impacts of COVID-19. Traditional media has succumbed to much pressure during this time with the pool of directly employed travel journalists shrinking significantly, and the digital space expanding.

It’s not just media that’s changed, life for consumers will never be the same again. We’ve embraced home cooking, dancing (from a distance) in the streets, living life through a (Zoom) lens, and – despite many of us denying this – hours crawling Tik Tok for the latest trends. We now appreciate the little things and yearn for BIG ‘feel good’ stories after a challenging start to 2020.

Best practice PR must always be ahead of this curve, continuing to create new storytelling opportunities by understanding market trends and interests and relating them to products or destinations.

The previous holy grail of securing placements in publications with huge readerships is changing in favour of narrowcasting high-quality contextual placements. The timeless PR truth that great relationships with media are paramount remains, but new relationships need to be forged in less obvious, non-traditional places.

At Gate 7, we specialise in a range of PR and media relations services to meet our clients’ needs: media story compilation and pitching, corporate and stakeholder profiling, media and brand partnerships, issues and crisis communications, social media community management and implementation, events management, and stunt execution. Gate 7’s ability to connect the dots between inspiration and conversion while integrating trade calls-to-action in PR placements is what sets us apart from the competition.

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We can help you define the desired messaging and create a public relations strategy that drives more than just reach. Whether you’re looking for an ongoing PR presence in Australia and New Zealand or have a short term publicity opportunity you want to maximise, give us a shout.