Jo Palmer

Managing Director

In the two decades since I founded Gate 7, the world has become a completely different place. Whole nations have come into existence, while others have dissolved. People around the globe have become connected via the internet, while communities have become connected via air, sea and land with game-changing transport technology. The way that we experience and share every aspect of our lives, through the lens of social media, has gone from aspirational to ubiquitous. In short, the way we travel today is aready a world away from the turn of the 21st century.

At Gate 7, I lead our team to incorporate every new technology, every new social change, and every new story into the way we market and represent our clients. We strive to understand how, why and where people are travelling, right down to consumers’ most personal interests and passions to help us craft the most effective and comprehensive marketing, PR, and content programs for our clients. After all, if the way we travel is always evolving, then the way we market travel must too.