Sophie Taylor

PR Manager

In modern PR, publicity and content creation is intimately intertwined. In a world where digital storytelling is prolific and growing, integration is everything. Crafting smarter stories with images, video and the full range of new media, allows audiences to connect with brands and adds enjoyment and meaning. Inspiring storytelling is complemented by aligned content, social media and influencer marketing to craft a destination’s voice. At the same time however, print media is by no means dead in the Australian and New Zealand markets, especially in the travelsphere and finding new and unique ways to engage print audiences remains a very important element of the PR mix.

I am passionate about providing clients with high-impact, multi-faceted PR and content campaigns, that create a true connection between brand and audience. I lead our talented PR and Content team to provide creative and strategic direction to make sure that the stories and content are at the heart of everything we do. With more than a decade of PR experience, I pride myself on keeping pace with the changing media landscape and ensuring we maximise that knowledge to get the best results for our clients.