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What COVID-19 safety measures are being taken in Sonoma County?

Sonoma County Tourism joins with our health department, and all County officials in ensuring all persons who are in public places wear a facial covering.  Please note every official in the video has a mask readily available should they come in contact with another person.  We take the health and wellbeing of our local residents, employees and visitors very seriously and why we instituted the Safe Travels Promise.

What is currently open in Sonoma County?

As of July 13, similar to restrictions in other California counties, the state health order prohibits indoor activities that bring residents into prolonged contact with people who are not members of their own household. The restrictions will remain in place until the state takes further action.

Where is Sonoma County?

Sonoma County is located 45 minutes’ drive north of San Francisco and along the western border of Napa, stretching up and all the way to the Pacific Coast

When is the best time to go to Sonoma County?

The ‘best’ time to visit is usually a personal preference. Our most popular time of year to visit is May through October, and especially during the grape harvest in September/October.

The Sonoma Valley has a “Mediterranean” climate. Temperatures in the Valley rarely drop below freezing during the rainy winter months; in the summertime, coastal fog and breezes bring cool evenings even after very warm days.

How big is Sonoma County?

Pretty big! Sonoma County is one million acres and includes five different valleys, 18 American Viticultural Areas, redwood forests, and nearly 90 kilometres of rugged Pacific coastline. That being said, it’s pretty easy to get around. A drive up the main highway (101) will take about 45 minutes to an hour from the bottom of the county to the top.

Can Sonoma County Tourism support my trip (or a portion of my trip)?

Sonoma County Tourism can assist journalists, content creators and influencers in a range of ways, from providing flight, accommodation, on-ground transport, and itinerary and planning support.

The Sonoma County team maintains discretion about which trips it supports, and to what extent.

Does Sonoma County Tourism run agent events or roadshows?

Sonoma County usually participates in the annual Visit USA roadshow and/or the Visit California Roadshow that is held every two years. In addition, different agent events run throughout the year. If you are interested in attending any future events related to Sonoma County, please register your interest.

What are the nearest airports?

San Francisco International – 56 miles (90km) – 1 hour 18 mins

Oakland International – 56 miles (90km) – 1 hour 11 mins

Sacramento International – 76 miles (122km) – 1 hour 26 mins

Sonoma County Airport – 36 miles (57km) – 47 mins

San Jose International Airport – 84 miles (135km) – 1 hour 37 mins

How long is the recommended stay?

At least two nights, though most people wish they’d booked more time once they’re there. Since the area is so diverse, you can also split up the stay to have 2-3 nights in the Valley’s and Vineyards area, and another 2-3 nights along the Coast or near the Redwoods. Depending on the client, a stay of 4-6 nights can easily be filled with food, wine and fun activities.

How many wineries are there in Sonoma County?

As of October 2019, there are 425 wineries.

Is there to do than just wine?

Yes! Sonoma County is where life opens up. There is an incredible culinary scene focusing on farm-to-table methods as well as many outdoor adventures. With the three different regions (coast, redwoods and vineyards) there are many different offerings ranging from outdoor activities to spa and wellness, shopping and farmer’s markets, breweries and food tours, arts and culture and music and nightlife.

What’s the go with tipping?

Restaurants: 18-20%
Taxis: 10-15% (many taxis in the US aren’t equipped with credit card machines, so ask before you get in)
Tour guides: 20%
Bell desk: $2/bag
Valet: $2 when they bring your car around (nothing when you drop it off)
Valet loading luggage into your car: $2/bag
If hotel delivers anything to your room: $3
Housekeeping: $3/day on the bed
Courtesy shuttle: $2 per person
Doorman if they call you a cab: $2

Where can I find more information?

Head to Sonoma County Tourism’s website to learn more.

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