Vision and Values

The vision for our people at Gate 7 is to provide everyone with a platform for personal and professional evolution, to explore our capabilities and enjoy the experience of pushing those capabilities into new areas and achievements. We have a very hard working, energetic, enthusiastic ethic, and we work in a fast-paced environment. We are given the freedom to think up and seek out opportunities, to try new things and to look for better ways of generating success for our clients. We drive our own success and are given every opportunity to explore.

Our Key Values

Driven by Outcomes: Focus on the outcome, get around hurdles and find solutions.

Be Curious: Explore and be willing to keep digging and asking until things become clear. Constantly challenge yourself to evolve and see what you can achieve.

Team First: Back up your mates and work together toward our goals and the greater good.

Have Gratitude: Understand how lucky we are, appreciate the client, each other and every opportunity, and always be humble.

Fun: If all of this sounds fun, this is the right workplace for you. Feel empowered to enjoy this.