The Unique Hanging Monasteries of Meteora

These incredible and ancient structures have inspired divine worship, and Hollywood filmography with their 360o views.

The Hanging Monasteries of Meteora (Volos, Greece) are a set of amazing, gravity-defying structures. Translating to “hovering in the air” – Meteora is a series of gorgeous rock pinnacles crowned with medieval monasteries –originally built at such an altitude due to the monks’ quest for solitude, and as a safe haven from danger. It’s unlike any other place in the world. The monasteries were the filming location of the secret lair in For Your Eyes Only, but Bond isn’t the only fictional visitor to this place. The Eyrie in Game of Thrones, with its Moon Door and Sky Cell, was inspired by Meteora.

The site is only a short drive from the port of Volos, and included as a package option on Celestyal’s Eclectic Aegean cruise.