How to travel well on an aeroplane

We all love to travel, but how best to prepare and arrive fresh and ready to go rather than looking like we’ve been through the ringer? To find out more, we caught up with Charlotte Dodson from TravelWell and Ali Lalak from Cloud Nine to understand how they’re adding value to the long haul travel environment.

TravelWell, the nifty, now award-winning inflight health app is taking off, bringing, yoga and meditation to travellers in their seat. In a similar vein, Australian start-up Cloud Nine is gaining traction with their luxury travel packs designed to pamper passengers during their long flight.

As people travel more frequently, and become more aware of the stress it induces – a whole raft of health-related products are being checked in.

“Airlines are simply doing what any well-run business does, they’re reading the marketplace and reacting to it,” says Charlotte. “From adding yoga and meditation apps like ours to entertainment programming, to airports offering yoga rooms, salad and juice bars, there’s a health movement around travel that’s growing in scale.” says Charlotte.

It’s not just the passengers who stand to benefit from all this health focused activity.  The travel industry at large could be the ultimate winner, with more people travelling as the downsides of travel stress further dissipate.

Cloud Nine Global agrees. The exciting new Australian travel brand started by two sisters who long lived on opposite sides of the world from each other, was created to improve the travel experience rather than just talking about it.

“Our trips back and forth were getting more difficult the more we travelled, and we were inspired to find a way to make the experience of travel more convenient, luxurious and (most importantly) fun for ourselves and our fellow travellers. Our goal was to find a way to arrive at our destination feeling rested, glowing – and ready for an Aperol spritz,” says Ali Lalak.

“We aim to make the experience of travel not just easier, but truly enjoyable”, says.  Cloud Nine Global offers beautifully curated travel packs that are both practical and luxurious.