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What can you expect working with Brand USA?

Brand USA is the destination marketing office for the USA.

We’re the go-to for anything USA-related. Contact us with specific questions about the U.S. Our trade website is a great source for Travel Trade and trip planning, and we are able to provide contact details for all of our local partners. Additionally, our online itinerary planner is a fantastic tool for you and your clients.

What can you expect working with Brand USA?

Brand USA is the destination marketing office for the USA. As such, we focus on multi-destination visits, taking travellers to, through and beyond the gateways into the United States. We promote the U.S. as a collection of diverse states and cities, working with any theme or story.

Where can I access images from Brand USA?

Please visit Brand USA’s media library here to access a range of images from across the United States.

When’s the best time to go to the USA?

On a whole, the United States is a year-round destination, as every state experience a different climate and geography. The best time of year for any journey is dictated by where travellers would like to see, what they want to do, and any events they want to get to.

What's the best way to get there?

There are a number of airlines flying direct to the United States from Australia and New Zealand.

Qantas operates daily services from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to Los Angeles, as well as multiple services weekly from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to San Francisco, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Honolulu.

Virgin Australia fly daily from Sydney, and multiple times weekly from Melbourne and Brisbane to Los Angeles.

Air New Zealand flies daily from most major Australian cities to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Honolulu, and Houston via Auckland.

Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and United Airlines all fly daily services between Sydney and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, and Houston as well as multiple weekly services from other major cities.

Does Brand USA host famils?

Brand USA supports famils with trade partners, please register your interest.

Does Brand USA host famils?

Brand USA runs a number of PR famils throughout the year, both in groups, and for individual journalists. All PR famils must visit a minimum of two different states within the country. Each visit is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and tailored to individual needs, themes and stories.

The Brand USA team has full discretion over the number and range of media titles, content creators, and journalists that it may invite on a famil.

Can Brand USA support my trip?

Brand USA can support media famils in a range of different ways. We work with all of our U.S. destination partners to support the compilation of itineraries. We review flight support on a case-by-case basis.

Does Brand USA run events or road shows?

Brand USA participates in the Visit the USA event in Australia in February annually.

In New Zealand, we host the Brand USA Travel Trade Expos, which occur annually. Please register to express your interest.

What's the best get around the USA?

The USA has a great highway system, so road tripping is straight forward for guests. National and regional airlines service most major towns and cities. Additionally, public transport like AMTRAK trains, and Greyhound buses provide affordable transportation.

What’s the go with tipping?

Tipping is common practice in the USA and part of our hospitality culture. Below is a general guide to follow:

– Restaurants: 18-20%
– Taxis: 10-15% (many taxis aren’t equipped with credit card machines, so ask before you get in)
– Tour guides: 20%
– Bell desk: $2/bag
– Valet: $2 when they bring your car around (nothing when you drop it off)
– Valet loading luggage into your car: $2/bag
– If hotel delivers anything to your room: $3
– Housekeeping: $3/day on the bed
– Courtesy shuttle: $2 per person
– Doorman if they call you a cab: $2

Where can I find out about visa advice to enter the country?

The U.S. Consulate in Australia can offer a wide range of visa advice and will be able to help process applications. Learn more information at their website.

Where can I find contact information for specific states and cities in the USA?

Please find a wide range of contact information on the Brand USA Travel Trade website.

I need help putting together an itinerary for my client, where should I look?

Our trip planner is a great tool for agents and travellers, who have an idea of where they’d like to go, or what they’d like to see.

We also have a number of pre-made sample itineraries that can provide great suggestions for travellers.

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April 2020
  • Qantas to Fly to Chicago for the First Time with New Flight Route
    Qantas’ newest flight route will connect Australia to the Chicago directly when they launch from Brisbane in 2020.
February 2020
  • Qantas Launching Brisbane to San Francisco Flight Route
    Brisbane will be connected to San Francisco for the first time when Qantas launches their new flight route.
October 2019
  • United to Launch Melbourne to San Francisco Flight Route
    Connecting with their national and international network, United Airlines are launching their Melbourne to San Francisco direct route in October, with Boeing 787 Dreamliners operating on the service.




The Brand USA Discovery Program is an online training development platform that will help agents and travel industry professionals become effective at selling the USA to their clients.

Brand USA Discovery Program for Australian agents and industry professionals.

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