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Where is California?

California is the western-most state of the continental U.S., situated on the southern end of the west coast.

California is the ultimate dream holiday playground. The state is compact and diverse, from snowy peaks, through rocky deserts to the immaculate coastline. No matter your passion, the Golden State has something for everyone, whether you’re travelling on a family road trip, a gap year tour of iconic destinations and events, or a luxury culinary adventure, California showcases the best of the United States.

When’s the best time to go to California?

California is a year-round destination, with weather that has something for everyone, from sun worshippers to snow bunnies. The best time to visit really comes down to what you want to see and do.

On the coast, the average daily high hovers around 21°C and up, but can occasionally spike to 27°C or more on the hottest summer days. At higher altitudes, the weather reflects more of a four-season cycle, with beautiful summers, striking autumn colour, and cold, snowy winters followed by snow melt springs (waterfall season!).

Summer (July – August) is peak season for travellers heading to the state. To avoid peak rates, and longer lines, you may wish to avoid this time of year.

How to get there?

California has two major entry points from Australia and New Zealand, San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX). Flight times range between 12-14 hours direct from Australia and New Zealand.

Which airlines fly to California from Australia and New Zealand?

There are a number of airlines flying direct to California from Australia and New Zealand.

Qantas operates daily services from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to Los Angeles, as well as multiple services weekly from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to San Francisco.

Virgin Australia fly daily from Sydney, and multiple times weekly from Melbourne and Brisbane to Los Angeles.

Air New Zealand flies daily from most major Australian cities to Los Angeles and San Francisco via Auckland.

United Airlines operates services from Sydney and Melbourne to both LAX and SFO.

Delta Airlines and American Airlines operate daily services between Sydney and Los Angeles.

Does Visit California host famil trips?

Visit California runs two to three group famils throughout the year. To be in the loop to know when famils and incentives are coming up, sign up to the California STAR digital training platform.

Does Visit California sponsor famil trips?

Visit California runs a number of PR fams throughout the year, both in groups, and for individual journalists. All PR fams must visit a minimum of three distinct areas within the state. Visit California runs influencer and new media content trips as well as traditional media famils.

The Visit California team has full discretion over the number and range of media titles, content creators, and journalists that it may invite on a famil.

Can Visit California support my trip (or a portion of my trip)?

Visit California can assist journalists, content creators and influencers in a range of ways, including providing flight, accommodation, on-ground transport, and itinerary and planning support. This can extend to a fully sponsored trip.

The Visit California team maintains discretion about which trips it supports, and to what extent.

Does Visit California run agent events or roadshows?

Visit California hosts trade roadshows every two years in Australia and New Zealand, typically in October. These missions invite California delegates in-market, commonly, up to 15 California delegates will come to the market.

In addition to these roadshows, Visit California hosts Club California Agent training events four times per year, visiting capital cities in Australia and New Zealand. In order to know when these events are coming up, sign up to the California STAR digital training platform

Does Visit California offer agent discounts?

We’re working on it! While we don’t have a list of which of our suppliers offer agent discounts, we can supply you with direct contacts for your targeted suppliers.

What is the best way to get around the state?

While we don’t recommend having a car in either of our gateway cities of L.A. or San Francisco (Ubers/rideshare/taxis and public transport are ever abundant), picking up a hire car is the best way to explore the compact diversity that the state offers. In two hours on California’s extensive state highways, you can go from surfing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, or on Santa Monica beach, to skiing at Lake Tahoe or Big Bear, so road trips are an absolute must-do for any traveller.

Will I see celebrities in California?

There are many places we recommend to try star-spotting, especially in LA. Obviously, Hollywood can be a hotspot, as can the bars and spas in West Hollywood, and shops in Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills.

Keep your eyes peeled all over the state though, as many stars live away from the big city, and holiday in the towns and cities across California.

Where can I catch a sports game in California?

California boasts nearly 20 major league professional sports teams from L.A. to San Francisco, San Diego, Anaheim, Oakland, Sacramento. No matter whether you want to see Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey or Soccer, you can find local teams all over!

Is it all burgers and fries?

No! California has an incredible depth of culinary offerings from quirky food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants. California also boasts some of the freshest produce in the United States, and many of the restaurants focus on a farm-to-fork philosophy.

Where can I go to a live taping of my favourite TV show?

No trip to Los Angeles is complete without a bit of Hollywood show business on your itinerary. Plus, good news: tickets to the majority of shows are free. Check out On Camera Audiences, or Audiences Unlimited for more information.

Of course there’s Disneyland, but what else can I do with my family in California?

Family holidays are when some of the most treasured memories are made, and Kidifornia is an amazing place to create yours. The Golden State has something guaranteed to amaze everyone, aged one to 100.

An adventurous Yosemite hiking expedition in the wild High Sierra, zipping down the snowy peaks of Lake Tahoe, hands-on learning at the California Academy of Sciences, or the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills; there are endless opportunities for kids and adults alike to dream big in California. Learn more at Kidifornia!

California’s not all about the big cities. Where can I experience some great outdoor adventure?

California has an incredible compact diversity, which means you can get from surfing to skiing, or from deserts to forests in just two hours’ drive. Great places to start your exploration are in California’s nine National Parks, which include Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, the Channel Islands, and way more!

For the adventurous travellers, California is also a paradise for extreme sports lovers, with options available all over the state.

What’s the go with tipping?

Tipping is common practice in the US and part of our hospitality culture. Below is a general guide to follow:

Restaurants: 18-20%

Taxis: 10-15% (many taxis in the US aren’t equipped with credit card machines, so ask before you get in)

Tour guides: 20%

Bell desk: $2/bag

Valet: $2 when they bring your car around (nothing when you drop it off)

Valet loading luggage into your car: $2/bag

If hotel delivers anything to your room: $3

Housekeeping: $3/day on the bed

Courtesy shuttle: $2 per person

Doorman if they call you a cab: $2

Where can I find more information?

Access hard copies of the International Visitor’s Guide and Road Trips Guide from Visit California.

Visit California’s website is a great resource for additional information.

Visit California’s social media channels are a source of inspirational content. Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube Channel to learn more.

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