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What is Travel South?

Travel South USA is the official regional destination marketing organisation for the southern United States. The non-profit organisation promotes travel to and within its twelve member destinations, including states such as Alabama, Georgia,  Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Travel South USA serves as an information source for journalists, tour operators, retail travel agents, and other travel professionals.

When’s the best time to go to the South?

Once international travel resumes, the south of the USA is full of year-round destinations. As each state’s geography can be quite different, there is no ‘best’ time to travel. It should be noted however that summer can get quite hot, and winter quite cold, depending on which parts of the south you might travel to.

What's the best way to get there?

As soon as the international borders open, there are easy connections from Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, LAX and San Francisco.

The easiest way to get between destinations in the South is on a self-drive road trip, utilising the far-reaching and efficient highway system.

Does Travel South host famils?

No. Each year TS hosts an international showcase, where product and marketing managers meet with TS delegates. As part of the Hosted Buyer Program, these managers can be part of the “Super Famil”, touring the state.

Does Travel South run agent events or roadshows?

Travel South USA look forward to heading Down Under mid-2021. Stay tuned for further details.

Does Travel South offer agent discounts?

Travel South does not have specific agent discounts, but is happy to review requests on a case-by-case basis.

Where can I experience that famous Southern hospitality?

Everywhere! Southern hospitality is all about welcoming visitors into a family-style environment with shared meals and communal stories. Each state has their own variation but the south is warm and welcoming all over, and we can’t wait until you’re able to return or visit for the first time!

Where can I discover more about the South’s history?

The stories of the south stretch back centuries, and the easiest ways to start to explore our history is through online platforms like The United States Civil Rights Trail. Additionally, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, or the Blues Highway are great ways to learn about how the South celebrates its history and culture.

Where can I sample some delicious Southern BBQ?

Southern Barbecue is different across different states, with sauces, meats and flavours varying wildly. We encourage guests to sample locally in every town and city they go to to get the full experience in the South.

How can I enjoy music experiences in the South?

The South is the birthplace of a number of genres of music like Rock n Roll, Blues, Gospel, Soul and R ‘n’ B. Live music is a tradition in nearly every part of the south, but often centres on Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans. Visiting classic recording studios, and venues like Sun Studios, Stax, and the Grand Ole Opry is a huge honour for guests and artists alike.

What if I am an outdoor enthusiast?

One of the surprising parts of the South is the breadth of incredible landscapes in National, State and Local parks. From the bayous by the ocean to the Great Smoky Mountains, there is a diversity in the landscapes and views you’ll see.

Story Ideas

What's New

August 2020
  • Travel South USA Launches Media Hub, Providing Story Ideas across 12 Southern States
    Travel South USA has launched a sparkling new Media Hub, designed to keep visitors up to date with new information, story ideas, and images for each of the following Southern states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Due to the current situation, story ideas focus on road trips and outdoor experiences! The Southern states welcome you with their famous charm and hospitality, as soon as international travel resumes.
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  • Alabama’s Restaurant Promise
    In partnership with ARHA and health officials across the State of Alabama, restaurant owners and operators have listed a number of commitments to earn an endorsement during the COVID-19 recovery period. When customers see this endorsement, they can be certain that the restaurant is taking all necessary steps to protect their employees and customers and is committed to playing a leadership role in protecting communities.
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  • Georgia Launches ‘Safety Promise’ Campaign to Urge Georgians to Heed Public Safety Guidance
    Governor Brian P. Kemp has introduced the Georgia Safety Promise, a safety campaign to remind Georgia businesses and the public of the importance of following COVID-19 safety guidelines by agreeing to simple - yet critical - measures that help protect Georgians from COVID-19, minimise spread of the virus, and keep Georgia open for business.
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  • North Carolina Launches ‘Count On Me NC’ Public Health Initiative to Assist During COVID-19
    Count On Me NC is a public health initiative that empowers visitors, guests and businesses to help keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Locals are being asked to take the Count on Me NC pledge. While North Carolina already has strict health and safety guidelines in place, Count on Me NC businesses have taken additional training and implemented new procedures in light of COVID-19.
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  • Tennessee Tourism Launches New Campaign to Inspire Traveling Safely State-wide Amid Coronavirus
    The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (TDTD) launched a multi-phase campaign designed to raise awareness about traveling safely amid COVID-19. For us international visitors, of course this is on hold at the moment, but when we’re ready to travel, Tennessee looks forward to welcoming us with its famous warm hospitality. The department, along with its agency of record, VMLY&R, created a series of videos featuring Tennessee-produced songs like “Tired of Being Alone” by Al Green, “My Tennessee Mountain Home” by Dolly Parton and “I Can't Wait” by Memphis band Star & Micey. Each video showcases outdoor scenic beauty, “outdoor venues” with music provided by the sounds of nature, road trips, and the diverse music, history and culture in Tennessee.
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  • Explore Kentucky with Short-Form Episodic Series
    The Kentucky Department of Tourism has released a series of videos dedicated to highlighting the best of the Bluegrass State. “During this time of social distancing, Kentucky is finding creative ways to virtually showcase the culture, arts, and heritage that Kentucky has to offer tourists from across the world,” said Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet Secretary Mike Berry. “Team Kentucky is committed to ensuring everyone can get a firsthand look into the Bluegrass State, and why we are so proud to call this wonderful place home.” As an industry leader, the Kentucky Department of Tourism is highlighting the beautiful nature, fascinating stories and cherished traditions of the state’s tourism partners in a way that reaches a larger audience than ever before.
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  • Experience Virginia from Home!
    While we are not able to travel to the USA at the moment, we can still dream! Virginia Tourism Corporation is inviting those that live within the state to support businesses in whatever way they can, and for those afar: Australians and New Zealanders can explore a multitude of ways to Experience Virginia from Home (virtually!). From Beethoven online concerts, 360 video experiences, visual art lessons, to virtual tours of aquariums, gardens, and museums – Virginia has got it all covered!
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